Just wanted to thank you and your wife for being so helpful and patient, but yet expedient with my parents and I in ordering the driving suit and shoes for my son!!!

This is THE reason why we continue to use your company for all our parts and needs!

Thanks again for your cooperation and willingness to go the extra mile.

Shawn Hivner - Manchester, PA -2007

Thanks for the fast shipping, reasonable price and high quality manufacturing on the parts I ordered from you last weekend. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and will recommend your company to my fellow Karters.


Shelby Buhlman - Evansdale, IA - 2006

The brake kit saved over 2.6lbs on my kart :-)

You have a favorite forum or someplace you'd like me to post my happy comments about your brake kit? I'd be happy to share my comments on the kit with the public.


Robert Young - McKinney, TX - 2006

Got the parts yesterday. Everything looks great. Thanks for all the help. I switched the axle and lightweight sprocket; I weighed before and after and got a 5.5 pound difference! Rotating weight too! I can't wait to see how it runs now...

Michael Williams - Kernsville, NC - 2006

I got the engine back together with the parts I bought from you and it runs great. We broke it in and measured the performance against our other engine. I have one engine that will not turn above 10,300 RPM and the rebuilt engine turns 11,600!


Mike Frankenberry - Painesville, OH -2006

Thanks again! I am a pattern and mold maker with all the design and cam abilities to make this stuff myself, but in all reality, I can think of a lot better things to do on the kart. What you have sure looks good! Thanks again for your info!

Jon Biles - Princeton, IA - 2006

I really appreciate your sincerity and the time you have afforded me. I really wish that there were more dealers like you in South Africa.


Les Herring - South Africa - 2007

Always had great service from Kim at www.kidkarters.com or https://www.pktaxles.com easy to get a hold of and he keeps you updated to the status of your order.

Rick Giese - Clinton Township, MI - 2006


Michael Beamer - North, VA - 2006

I learned from helping to put the Kids 1st series together this year that Kim Watzke is a class act. He stepped up to help out with our fledgling series and it was greatly appreciated.

We were fortunate to work with a number of first class people like Kim this year putting the series together. It helped me realize what a great community this is. For every bad deal that goes down there are hundreds of good ones that happen every day.

Dan Schlosser - Sewickley, PA - 2006

Thank you very much for your help. Being new to the sport is difficult, but helpful persons like you really make it easier to understand. And thanks for such a great web site, I've recommended it to several people now.

Thanks again and take care,

Jesse Elizondo - Palmdale, CA - 2006

Thank you for your time and as always thank you for your web site that is an excellent reference guide for beginners like me.

Eric Bartholomew - Marshall, VA - 2006

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. He is going to be so tickled. I can't wait to update everything after we get home from Road Atlanta this weekend. THANK YOU!

Amy Cuthbertson - Lucas, OH - 2006