Engine Services

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Engine Services

PKT has been a Certified Rotax Service Center since 2007. In addition to the Rotax engines, PKT has been servicing other engines since 2003. These engines include Comer, Yamaha, IAME & ROK. Shifters include DD2, Honda, TM, Iame, Rok & Pavesi.

Rotax Service Center

New Rotax Engines and OEM parts
PKT aftermarket parts
Complete rebuilding and sealing services

Engine Services

CNC cylinder head profile machining Cylinder honing and piston machining
Cylinder squaring
Crankshaft rebuilding and alignment
Engine cc calibration
Cylinder port timing

Carburetor Services

CNC carburetor bore profile machining
Comer C51 carburetor blue printing
Pop off and fulcrum arm setting
Carburetor rebuilding

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Wixom, MI 48393

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