Drivers Profile - Brenden Baker

Brenden Baker
Name: Brenden Baker
Birth date: 2/4/1999
Home Town: Palmdale, California
Home Track: Williow Springs, Rosmond California
Team Members: Donnie Davis - Mechanic and engine builder
Classes Competing In: HPV 1, Jr. 1 Comer, Rookie Sportsman.
Karting Accomplishments:

2008 IKF Grand National Rookie Sportsman Runnerup

2008 IKF Grand National Eagle

Two 3rd place finishes at the 2008 IKF Grand National

Nine IKF Region 7 wins in Cadet

Won 2008 California State Championship, Rookie Sportsman

Favorite Kart Track(s): Santa Maria
Sponsors: Precision Karting Technologies, Kalgard Lubricants, TNR Kartsports
Favorite Race Driver: Jenson Button
Favorite pastime other than racing: Computers and Playstation
Favorite Song: Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Favorite Movie: Independence Day
Favorite TV Show: Sponge Bob Square Pants
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Day of the year: Race Day
Miscellaneous Info: Honor Role Student at Bethel Christian School